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Types of students you meet at uni

28 Sep , 2014  

In my opinion there are several types of students you meet at university. Everyone has different styles of studying but in my opinion they fit into the following categories, let me know if you agree or if there’s another category I’ve missed out on!

  1. The blagger: This individual never actually does his or her own work. They turn up to lectures and seminars simply for the social aspect and never really seem to understand the work they have to do. They ask around, keep tabs on everyone else’s progress with their coursework, ask for help and never bothers to just look it up in a book or do the work for themselves. This type frustrates me the most as they usually get good grades and it’s never down to their own actual hard work!
  1. The crammer: This individual strolls through university as if it’s a walk in a park. As soon as they are 3 days away from an assignment they completely flip. This person locks themselves in a room for hours before an exam and will study intensively in the run up to an important piece of work. It’s mind-boggling! They have a jealousy for students that carefully structure their time and approach their coursework weeks ahead. However when the pressure gets to them they get the work done!
  1. The slacker: this individual is either on the wrong course, wrong university or has no genuine interest in studying. They have no sense direction, barely attend university and are often the person you see in an exam room and think: I’ve never ever seem them before? Their results? I assume they wouldn’t be great but who knows!
  1. The genuine hard worker: Everyone is jealous of this individual. They know exactly how to plan their studies, always read the extra reading, spend hours figuring out something they don’t know about and get high grades across the board. Composed, calm and never stressed.
  1. The ‘try-er’: all credit goes to this person. They aren’t necessarily the brightest in the pack but they definitely try hard. They spend hours in the library; meet lecturers in office hours, review all their work to the finest of detail and normally sit at the very front row of the lecture rooms.


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