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How to get a job in a start up

9 Nov , 2014  

Being in your last year of university, the question hits you: What do I do when I leave? Unless if you’ve had a clear career plan from a young age, you are probably in the majority pool of students who are still undecided. At the time of applying and deciding your next steps, there are a few options:

  1. Corporate jobs: Working as an accountant, lawyer, and banker in a large firm
  2. Further study: Go on to study a masters and specialise/change your background of education
  3. Start a business: Everyone’s dream surely? However, lack of experience, funding and choosing the right idea can make this a struggle.
  4. Work in a start up: plenty of job available in this sector, however not always considered as an option by students.

Not everyone knows what it is like working in a start up, especially what experience and skills are required to land a job in one. Helping you to overcome this problem, Monkfeet & Queen Mary University are holding a panel with a panel of founders and employees of start-ups.

The aim of this event is to overcome the misconceptions of what it really is like to work in a start up providing you with information on the culture, types of work and environment of start-ups.


Rif Kiamil, CEO of FoodIt. Rif has worked in the food sector for over 12 years. He founded FoodIt over 1 year ago and knows exactly what he looks for in his new recruits. Rif also organises Google Cloud Platform Meet Ups.



Ievers Shier, Head of Core Product at Gumtree & now working for Adzuna, a recruiting firm. Ievers has also worked for

Jonathon May, Founder of Hubbub. Jonathon has a passion for seeing young businesses and projects succeed. Hubbub was a finalist for the Shell Live Wire Awards in 2012. Hubbub is a crowdfunding platform for universities, charities and other fundraisers.



Cary Curtis, Founder of Give a Grad a Go. Cary took a career u-turn after 10 years in the financial sector, choosing to set up graduate recruitment agency Give A Grad A Go. He started the business from his living room in 2009, with the idea of bridging the gap between small businesses and high-calibre grads.



Moderated by:

Yasmin Desai – a recent QMUL graduate and blogger of The Start Up Girl. Yasmin has worked in 5 start-ups and is currently Head of Business Development at Monkfeet, a small start up based at the popular co-working space, Rainmaking Loft. Yasmin found her first start up role through Queen Mary Careers and has fell in love with working in start-ups ever since.


The panel is from 6pm 25th November at Queen Mary Uni, pizza provided!

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