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What is it really like working as an entrepreneur?

8 Jun , 2015  

Being an entrepreneur is no harder or easier than most other roles. Most wouldn’t agree with this statement. In fact, if you speak to most entrepreneurs they will say that being an entrepreneur is the hardest job going. Those that don’t know entrepreneurship often associate running your own company with flexibility, being rich and worry free. Both are far from the truth.

All roles come with their own difficulties. Entrepreneurship is one of those hidden gems, everyone has heard of it but no one really talks about what it is really composed of.

I spoke to some entrepreneurs who own a company or work in a pivotal role of a start up. I wanted to find out, contrary to common belief, what are the realities of being an entrepreneur. Take a look at what they had to say:

Dave Clark, Cofounder of LoyaltyLion (received investment from EC1 Capital and former Asos Director)

‘It is really important to work with people you like and can have fun with, especially your co founder because so many times, you will be really depressed and literally no one else on the planet will understand except your co-founder, not even your employees.’

Chrissie Smith, Operations Manager at Vieweet

‘You need to learn that even if you work really hard and you give everything, you may still not get rewarded. In normal jobs you would be rewarded, in start ups however there is so much that is out of your control you can be the best and you may still not get paid.’

Van Anh Le Thi, Marketing at In the Window

‘I always expected to just be given work. Usually you will be told you need to achieve x & y but you have no idea how to do it. It is up to you to figure it out and take your own initiative.’

And my own realization I hear you ask? I believe you need to have perseverance and resilience as an entrepreneur. One of the top two things I would look for in any employee. This is cheesy but I don’t like hearing the words: I can’t do that/it’s not possible. When working in past companies I gave my absolute everything even though it may not have been owned by me. I would eat, breathe and even dream about work. My mind would constantly be running with how to keep the company going. In conclusion: you can never leave your work worries at work. You have to keep going and work super hard to achieve the end result (which can often be 10+ years a way, hence perseverance!!)

Hopefully this gave an insight into working for a start up, and I hope it didn’t scare you off! As challenging as it is, ask any entrepreneur and they will tell you just how rewarding it can be. Let me know in the comments what you think working as an entrepreneur is like!


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