What books should I be reading?

3 Jul , 2019  

A full and updated list of books that are useful in all areas of tech, entrepreneurship & startups!

General Start-up:

  • The Hard thing about hard things
  • Start with why
  • Zero to one
  • The tipping point
  • The Master algorithm


  • Lean in
  • How to win every argument
  • Thinking fast and slow
  • How to win friends and influence people
  • The Drunkard’s Walk: How randomness rules our lives
  • Fooled by randomness
  • The four hour work week
  • Getting things done
  • Turn the Ship around

Start-up successes/ Autobiographies:

  • Elon Musk
  • Outliers: Story of success
  • Screw it let’s do it
  • How Google works
  • Founders at work
  • Rework
  • Shoe Dog
  • Founders Stories
  • Hit Refresh


  • Lean startup
  • The Four steps to epiphany
  • Hooked
  • Sprint

Marketing/ Operations:

  • Purple Cow
  • Delivering Happiness: A path to profits, passion and purpose
  • Radical Candor
  • The goal: a process of ongoing improvement
  • Execution: the discipline of getting things done
  • Good to great
  • Competing against time
  • The checklist manifesto
  • The first 90 days
  • The innovators dilemma
  • My years with General Motors


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