I’ve always and only ever worked in start-ups. You could call it a passion/addiction/love/all of the above but I’ve never wanted or felt like I’ve needed to try anything different. Hopefully in the next few years I will be running my own start-up.

I decided to start this blog as I wanted a place where I could share my knowledge and experience of what it really is like to work in for a start-up. I blog about my views on entrerpreneurship, start-up lifestyle and anything & everything in between.

If you’re considering working in a start-up or perhaps you already work in one, I hope some of my content is useful for you!



Yasmin Desai
Operations and strategy
My passion lies in start ups and tech. I’ve spent my professional career working in several start up companies in London and have loved every part of it! My expertise lie in Marketing and Product. I write about my start up experiences on my blog: www.thestartupgirl.co.uk

I can be reached at: yasmin [@] yasmindesai.com or twitter: @thestartupgirl_