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Top podcasts to listen to

23 Feb , 2019  

With so much information available out there, it’s hard to know where to concentrate your efforts. In my resources channel you will see a list of books/articles/blogs/publications to follow. For now, here are some top podcasts I listen to which are all related to start ups! A16Z: How I built this: The twenty […]

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Interview with Yasmin Desai, Head of operations for MonkFeet

27 Dec , 2018  

Read the full article Monkfeet is a website service that offers classes in London to those looking to learn about how to grow and develop a business. Finding highly qualified instructors and offering lessons on a class by class basis, Monkfeet accommodates even the busiest of schedules. Read more

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How to Guide: Partnering with a Coworking Space

27 Dec , 2018  

Read the full article As the community manager of a coworking space, I’ve been on the receiving end of proposals from tenants and external companies interested in partnering with a coworking space on certain initiatives. Read more

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Coworking Manager’s Guide to Hosting an Event

27 Dec , 2018  

Read the full article Several years ago, coworking was a fringe movement. Now a new coworking space is popping up almost every week in London. Within such a competitive landscape, offering a compelling events series can be a great way  to make your coworking space stand out. Read more

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The top 5 characteristics for working in a startup

27 Dec , 2018  

Read the full article This post originally appeared on The Start Up Girl blog. Hiring for your startup can be a critical decision. Read more

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Power Outfit: Yasmin Desai, ‘The Start Up Girl’

27 Dec , 2018  

Read the full article Her first job out of university was at an ed-tech startup, and since then she has gone on to freelance at startup businesses – and build her own. Yasmin regularly shares her insider knowledge and tips via her blog, which is a valuable resource on entrepreneurship and the startup scene in […]

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The Power of Habit book review

20 Mar , 2017  

Reading (second to real life application) in my opinion is the best way to gain knowledge. In particular, I tend to read books on start-up failures/successes, CEO/founder autobiographies as well as accounts written by senior level employees of start-ups (the latter can usually be found on Medium). As part of Catapult’s Christmas gifts, all employees […]

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Why Taylor Swift should run a start-up?

17 Mar , 2016  

Love her or hate her, she is one of the most successful businesswomen alive along with being a talented singer/songwriter. Taylor Swift has built a brand, following and more importantly has reaped the financial rewards from making critical and informed business decisions. Yes, I am an advocate for Taylor and I’m proud to say I’ve […]

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7 tools to help you stay productive at work!

1 Sep , 2015  

Being incredibly organised is something we all wish we could do well. Thankfully there are some really useful and free tools to help you daily at work. Tools can make life so simple and if you do go all in and use them, I recommend the following tips: Use each tool for one/ maximum two […]

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Start up Jargon/ Things you will definitely hear in a start up environment:

25 Aug , 2015  

The start up environment is a world of its own. Every start up will have a different culture, different set of values and different ways in which they approach business. One thing that is most common in start-ups however, is the terminology used in everyday conversation. You could think of it as its very own […]